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What We Offer

In the United States, over 20.9 million American families have a loved one with Special Needs. Despite the large number of planning resources available for these individuals, there is a severe lack of preparation for one inevitable cost - a funeral or cremation. The Special Considerations program, which is offered to all individuals with special needs, creates an irrevocable trust that is funded by insurance. The funds placed in the trust are not considered an asset by Medicaid and SSI*. Program payments can be made monthly, based upon an individual's budget, or as a single lump sum for spend down situations.

Special Considerations policies are underwritten by an A.M. Best Rated "Excellent" company, National Guardian Life (Company financials are available here). Our organization is equipped to handle the insuring of single individuals as well as large groups. We provide systematic enrollment which organizes and simplifies the funeral planning process for each individual while ensuring the continuity of services provided by a service organization.

Quick Facts

    Guaranteed Issue - Absolutely everyone is accepted.

    Flexibility - Payments can be based on an individual's monthly budget, or the policy can be paid for in a lump sum.

    Portability - Policies are not tied to a specific funeral home and can be used at any funeral home nationwide. Claims can be paid directly to the deathcare provider within 48 hours.

    Coverage - If a consumer chooses to pay over time, their final expenses will be completely covered after only two years of payments! Death benefits in the first two years are dictated by state-specific regulations.

    Growth - Your consumers’ policies will grow tax-free from the time of issue to the time of need to help offset inflation.

    Protection - All policies are set up with an irrevocable assignment, so that Medicaid and SSI do not consider them an asset*. Death benefits are always paid out tax-free.

    Security - Funds are secured in a Funeral Trust provided for free by an A.M. Best rated Excellent company.

    Simplicity - We provide a systematic enrollment program that ensures the continuity of services provided to your consumers.

    *State-specific limitations may apply.