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Why Families Choose Special Considerations 

In the United States, over 48 million individuals are living with special needs.  

 Special Considerations is the nation's premier end of life planning organization for the special needs community and the only one that specializes in it. All individuals with special needs deserve a dignified burial or cremation and this requires expertise and careful planning.    
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Our Origin Story:
Special Considerations is a division of Golden Considerations Inc.
In 1997, managers at Golden Considerations became acutely aware that individuals with special needs were severely underserved when one of their very own agents was having trouble finding coverage for her son with Down Syndrome. After being denied coverage by several leading insurance carriers, this young mom made it her mission to make sure no other family encountered the same struggle in finding coverage for their family member with special needs.

Extensive research uncovered the need for a specialized product that is guaranteed issue and would not be considered an asset. Anything considered an asset would endanger valuable government benefits. Over the next several years, relationships were forged in the special needs community and final expense coverage was finally being included for their individuals.    

In 2010, Golden Considerations launched a national division devoted to serving individuals with special needs. They worked closely with trustworthy insurance companies to design specialized products meeting the needs of this community, hired new staff and invested the necessary resources---Special Considerations was born.  
Our Mission Statement:
Special Considerations is committed to serving individuals with special needs. We strive to provide a seamless and comprehensive plan to remove the financial and emotional burdens created by unexpected loss. By utilizing our 16 years of experience and personal relationships with the Special Needs Community, Special Considerations is truly able to serve every individual and organization in need.

Our Core Values:
Special Considerations is founded on three major principles: Integrity, Compassion, and Hard Work.

Integrity - We will do what we say we're going to do when we say we will do it.
Compassion - Our motivation is a desire to care for and serve those in need, not profits.
Hard Work - It takes substantial time and effort to ensure a dignified end of life for our clients. We will not rest while there are people in need.
What We Provide:
Often times, funds for final expenses are not set aside for a variety of reasons such as:  

• "I don't want to talk about end of life planning -- it is an uncomfortable conversation."  

• "We have plenty of time."  

• "We put funds aside in a 1st Party / pooled Special Needs Trust for end of life expenses and those funds will be used when my loved one passes." 

"We will all face it; we just don't know when..." 

Special Considerations takes an uncomfortable and overwhelming conversation and makes it easy. 
Special Considerations understands that going into a funeral home to make decisions can be scary and overwhelming. We take a sensitive and intimidating subject and make it simple yet tailored to each individual's needs.  

Special Considerations offers an insurance product that is specifically designed to put funds aside for final expenses related to burial, cremation or expenses associated with end of life arrangements. Product highlights:  

• Immediate irrevocable assignment to a funeral expense trust so funds are never considered an asset by Medicaid (Medi-Cal) or SSI. 

• Guaranteed coverage regardless of health, age or disability.  

• May be used at any funeral home or cremation provider nationwide for goods or services associated with the individual's end of life expenses.    

• Multiple payment options are available: Single Pay for spend-down situations or affordable monthly payments for those on a spending plan.  

• We work with families and caregivers as well as larger groups and trusts.  

• We offer comprehensive reports for tracking and reconciliation purposes.  

Our team strongly believes in caring and personal customer service and is here for you from enrollment to the claims process and in between. We provide a systematic enrollment which organizes and simplifies the process for each individual while ensuring the continuity of services. If you or your team prefer one-on-one enrollment for your individuals, Special Considerations will always be available for personal support.   

The team at Special Considerations is proud to serve the special needs community and is here to provide the tools and knowledge so that all individuals can plan for a valued end of life.  
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What People Are Saying:

“I wasn’t quite ready to plan my daughter’s funeral, with this Burial Insurance in place, I feel good that I’ve taken a step forward and now have peace of mind”.  Valerie Neal, Parent

“Working with Allison and Special Considerations has always been a great experience. Allison’s expertise and knowledge has made a challenging process very simple. When considering the future needs of an individual, we have the confidence to include Special Considerations in their financial plan because of the reliable and compassionate service provided. They have become a valuable resource to the developmental disability community.”
- Eric Rivera
Chief Social Security Liaison
New Leaf Solutions
“Special Considerations has been a tremendous help to our agency in efforts to support our individuals with planning for final expenses. They have made it hassle free and stress free for us to help the individual and their family to be at ease regarding their final expenses. We contacted Allison at the time of one of our consumers’ passing and she expeditiously ensured the claim was handled and the family was extremely satisfied.”  
- Tonya R. Williams
Residential Director
Cindy Hiers
Residential Coordinator
Jasper County Board of Disabilities and Special Needs, Ridgeland, SC
“Whenever I speak of Allison and Special Considerations within my circle of colleagues, we always agree – they are the best at what they do and they care. And it’s the second part that really sets them apart. They care. Special Considerations makes a sensitive and intimidating process super simple, but it’s the ‘being there for you’ when the day comes that enables me to put my complete trust in their service.”
- Ali R. Tabatabai
Money Management Services
New Leaf Supportive Services, Inc.
"Our agency supports over 150 adults to live independently in the community. The Special Considerations program has helped our residents and their families plan for final expenses in a supportive and more flexible way than has been available to them in the past. This product can adjust to the changes that occur over the course of an adult’s life. No longer are families tied to one service or geographic location when making burial plans. In our experience, when the service was needed, all it took was a phone call to get started with a quick response time. This is beneficial to families during a stressful event. We are grateful to have learned about the Special Considerations program. It has been a great option for the folks who receive our services." 
- Sheila O. McWaters
Executive Director
Chester-Lancaster Disabilities
and Special Needs Board
“Our company has many Special Needs Trust Clients, and some are on government benefits. Due to regulations from the government, these clients cannot purchase traditional life insurance policies. With Special Consideration’s partnership we are able to purchase Medicaid approved Burial Policies that meet government guidelines. Most importantly our clients and their families can have peace of mind knowing the government benefits are protected and a policy is in place. Our liaison, Allison, is the best!! She is prompt to answering all questions and truly cares about individuals.” 
- Wendy Barnett
Trust Administrator
Southeastern Trust Company
Making end of life plans is the most difficult thing for anyone to do. Allison has provided me with the tools and knowledge to help start the conversation with those we serve and their families. The process is easy, and Allison always provides the best customer service. She is very passionate about what she does, and it shows in the level of service she provides. She makes a difficult process very easy and I feel like I can approach the subject with pride in this company with the same confidence that Allison does. Being person centered is a huge part of what we do, and Special Considerations goes above and beyond to make sure we can make the people we serve happy.  
- Natalie Harper
Emory Valley Center
Finance Clerk 
Frequently Asked Questions:
What is an irrevocable assignment? An irrevocable assignment transfers the ownership rights of the policy to an assignee (a funeral expense trust in this case). The original owner can no longer make changes to the policy nor can they surrender or cash in the policy. The transfer is permanent and cannot be undone. The irrevocable assignment prevents the policy from being considered as an asset.

I already have an insurance policy, can I buy another policy for additional coverage? In most cases, yes, you can. We suggest you contact your Special Considerations team member to learn more.

Are there any fees in addition to the stated premium? There are no additional fees and no trust fees.

What happens when our loved one passes away? We help you with the claims process. Simply call our office and we will work with you, the funeral home / cremation provider and the carrier(s) to get the paperwork processed as quickly and efficiently as possible. Typically, we see proceeds paid out within 24-72 hours of passing. Ask your Special Considerations rep about your Death Claim card.  
Can the funds from a Special Considerations policy be used in any state? Yes, the policy is completely portable and can be used at any Funeral Home or Cremation Provider nationwide.

Can I use the funds from the Special Considerations Policy to buy a headstone or other funeral goods now? No, the funds become available only when the insured passes away.

Many families and caregivers find that insurance companies will NOT insure individuals with special needs. Will Special Considerations cover my loved one? Yes, the Special Considerations product is guaranteed issue regardless of age or disability.

What makes this plan different from other life insurance? What makes it different is that it pays directly to the Funeral Home/Cremation Provider at the time of need. Additionally, it is irrevocably assigned and therefore eliminates concern that it is considered an asset.  
What types of expenses can be paid out of the Special Considerations policy?
Services of the Funeral Director and Staff
Funeral Home Facility
Embalming Dressing/Cosmetology
Clothing for the Deceased
Funeral Service
Memorial Service
Graveside Service
Clergy Honorarium
Death Certificates
Obituary Notices
Cemetery Charges
Opening and Closing the Grave
Memorial Tree or other Markers
Memorial meal *
Burial Plot
Casket or Alternative Container
Outer Burial Container
Transfer of the Deceased
Funeral Vehicle-Hearse, Car Limousine
*Some states prohibit these items from being included as acceptable final expenditures 
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